Presidents Charity for 2020 will be PARKINSONS UK

which means that all our volunteers will be working to help raise money for this good cause.

Your support for the show will help as well.

President elect for 2021 Mark Shepherd 


Chairman Mrs Pat Martin 01409 241331

Vice Chairman Mr Tony Lang

Treasurer  Brian Butler 01237451627

Sponsorship Mrs Pat Martin 01409 241331

Trade Stand & Craft Tent Donna Weeks 01237 441996

Vintage Steward Bonham Jewell  01237431600

Food Tent Steward Mrs Carol Fletcher 01237 431137

Handicraft Secretaries Mrs Elaine Burrow, Hammer Park, Mill Rd, Bradworthy, Holsworthy. EX22 7RT Tel. 01409 241274

and Mrs Florence Ley,  Brenways, Sutcombe, Holsworthy. EX22 7QW Tel. 01409 241246

Cup Secretary Mrs Nicky Williams, Dyers, East Putford, Holsworthy, EX22 7UG  01409 240168

General Enquiries 01409 240328



Show Secretary

Mrs Andree Carter

Churston Ford
West Putford
Devon EX22 7UU
tel: 01409 240328
mobile: 07595 919006