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The fancy dress on horseback is open to adults and children. 

It takes a lot of work, both to prepare, and to fit into a busy show schedule, so please make sure you show your appreciation to the competitors.

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The parade of horse & hounds, with commentary is popular, especially as we will have several different types. At the end you will be invited into the ring to meet the hounds, and this is always popular with the children.


This can get VERY exciting, so be sure to watch it in the main ring.

An exciting, against the clock, team relay. Teams will compete in drawn order, two teams at a time and will jump separate, identical courses. The team members must hand a whip on to the next member of the team. If the whip is dropped, the competitor who is handing it over must dismount, pick up the whip and may, from the ground, give it to the next competitor. If a team member fails to complete the course either through retirement or a horse having three refusals, the following member must complete the round from the point of retirement and then continue to jump their own round. A team member may not complete the previous members round until they have had three refusals on the course. Time penalties of five seconds will be added for each fence down. Refusals and errors of course will increase the time taken to complete the course. Teams must consist of four riders and four horses with one junior member age 10-17 years. The Organisers and Judges decision is final.

Carriage driving is always a good spectacle, and the exhibitors take great pride in their turn out. They do travel around the ring at quite a speed, and driving a horse in these conditions is not for the faint-hearted

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The shire horses are mostly found in one of the other rings, but they arrive in the main ring for the ridden competition, which is keenly contested. 800 Kg of horse thundering past will make the ground shake!


Later in the afternoon is the Grand Parade of all the trophy winning livestock, so here you will see the best examples of different breeds.

This is followed by a parade and commentary of the vintage vehicles. You will be able to learn something of the history of these vehicles, and many have been in the area since new.

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