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  Health and Safety Policy Statement

The Woolsery & District Agricultural Show Executive acknowledges its legal and moral responsibilities for ensuring the safety, health and welfare of all persons who could be affected by the activities of the show and the environment it is held within.

Planning for the show is developed on an ongoing basis with continual improvement being a primary element in the commitment to delivering an enjoyable event for all people providing a service or attending, with due consideration for their health, safety and welfare.

The Executive will strive to effectively communicate the policy and ensure that all officials, contractors and others who may be working on behalf of the Show, in a paid or voluntary capacity, fully understand the requirement on their part in carrying out the policy and that their activity is undertaken in a manner which does not expose themselves or others to risk.

This general policy statement provides a commitment and intent to comply with the Health and Safety at Work Act 1974 and to promote industry best practice. To ensure the principles of health and safety are clearly understood by those involved in the operation of the Woolsery and District Agricultural Show we are committed to:

  • Complying with relevant health and safety legislation, industry best practice and other agreements on health and safety and other requirements to which the society subscribes.

  • Effective communication of and consultation on health and safety matters throughout the organisation and on the Show site.

  • Due diligence in the monitoring and auditing of health and safety of those providing trading, catering, exhibition or features for public enjoyment.

  • Assessing the risks to the safety and health of our officials, volunteers and others who may be affected by our activities and implementing controls to minimize those risks.

  • Preventing injuries, ill health, disease and incidents associated with the activities of the organisation in its operation of the Show.

  • Providing and maintaining safe plant and equipment and implementing safe systems of work.

  • The safe use, handling, storage and transport of articles and substances.

  • Providing and maintaining a safe working environment with safe access, egress and welfare facilities.

  • Providing our offiials, stewards and volunteers with such information, instruction, training and supervision as required, to deliver a safe environment for those trading, exhibiting, participating in or visiting the Show.

  • The organisation will also bring to the notice of contractors, exhibitors, caterers and other participants their duties under relevant health and safety legislation to those affected by their activities.

  • Continually improving our health and safety management.

  • Ensuring the necessary resources in the form of finance, equipment, personnel and time to ensure the health and safety of our officials, stewards, volunteers and others involved in the operation and participation of the Show.

  • Seeking expert help where the necessary skills are not available within the Society.

  • An annual review and where necessary, the revision of the Health and Safety Policy.

  • The Executive and its committees will liaise with relevant external bodies and neighbouring parties to ensure that the impact on the locality in terms of safety and environmental matters is effectively and efficiently managed and any associated risk minimised.

  • The Executive supports its considerable knowledge and experience of event safety by the appointment of a suitably competent Health and Safety and Incident Manager to provide advice on safety and incident management matters and general health and safety assistance.

  • This policy will be made available by email or hard copy to all relevant interested parties as appropriate and through the Woolsery & District Show website.

The overall responsibility for compliance with Woolsery & District Show's Health and Safety Policy rests with the Show Chairman.

Mrs Pat Martin, Show Chairman

April  2019

To download our full health & safety policy, click here

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