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complete all your details, including passwords. 


the system recognises e mails as log-ins. You can user a different log-in if more than one user with same e mail address. If you have forgotten your password (or never set one) ask for a password reset.

SIGN IN - once set up, sign in should be very quick and simple. - if you use the same computer just start putting in e mail, or your computer may log you in automatically.


this can be done via exhibitor button on home page, then trade stands button, or from the menu bar tabs.


start by selecting what type of trade stand you require, and there are then additional items you may want. Click as required. Anything other than an outdoor trade stand needs acceptance before proceeding.

If you want to download either a risk assessment form or our terms & conditions, then use the green buttons near the top.

SCROLL DOWN   you will be scrolling past all our sponsors - why not become one yourself? details here

and now enter the details of your stand. Starred boxes are compulsory.

SCROLL DOWN to a series of expandable sections.

The online directory will publish your details on our website, so that you can be found before or after the show This is FREE. You can automatically copy details to here, but you may need to add a little more detail.

Images can be uploaded to add to the online directory. 

Ignore build up/breakdown

Notes can be added, although this has probably been done under special requests.

Documents are a compulsory section to expand and now these can be uploaded. Click on the  line (drop/click to upload...  ) at the bottom of the box. When uploaded successfully a green box with a X will appear top right of the box. If this fails, you can attach them to an e mail via CONTACT US page, or post them, but it saves our volunteer loads of work if you can upload them!.

Terms & conditions require a tick box to confirm you have read them

Hooray - now check everything is ok by clicking on the button bottom right, then APPLY.

Check your order.


now you can proceed to checkout, and pay by card.

Unless you hear from us, your entry has been accepted.

If still stuck, please contact us on the contact page

if, for some reason, you cannot pay online, our details for BACS are - Woolsery show  30:90:89   38643460

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