Livestock entries

Terms & Conditions

Compliance with these is a condition of entry


The Woolsery & District Show Committee disclaims any responsibility for accidents or loss to any person or animal attending the Show and no claims can be entertained for anything that might happen to Exhibitors, Competitors, Onlookers, their property, servants, exhibits or goods in connection with anything arising out of the Show.                                               

It shall be considered a condition of entry that each entrant shall agree to indemnify the Promoters and/or any Official against any legal action arising from any accident and/or occurrence whatsoever. The organisers of this show have taken reasonable precautions to ensure the Health & Safety of everyone present. For these measures to be effective everyone must take equal care to avoid and prevent accidents occurring and must obey the instructions of the Organisers and all the Officials and Stewards. The full Health and Safety policy can be seen at or a copy can be requested from the Secretary.


It is a condition of entry that Woolsery & District Agricultural Show reserves the right to forward Exhibitor information to relevant regulatory authorities e.g. Defra, APHA, Trading Standards and other agencies who manage animal health matters such as SAC, BCMS and ARMS. Relevant details will also be sent to the press and Breed Societies.  It is also a condition of entry that the owner's name (and rider/handler if different) will be published in the show catalogue and unless otherwise instructed by the Exhibitor on the entry form or by emailing, their address details will also be listed. Ages of children under 18 years will not be published.

Personal Data will be retained electronically in secure systems by Woolsery & District Agricultural Show as required by animal health agencies and so that show schedules can be sent by email or post to Exhibitors in future years.

Woolsery & District Agricultural Show is committed to protecting Exhibitor information and using it responsibly.  Please read our Privacy Policy to understand how we collect, use and store your information.


  1. We prefer entries and payment to be made online at this saves our volunteer staff a great deal of time.  Any paper entries must be on an Entry Form available from the Secretary and accompanied by the correct Entry Fee. Cheques payable to Woolsery & District Agricultural Show

  2. All cattle and sheep entries to be on the Show Ground by 9.00 a.m.

  3. No exhibits shall be removed until after the Grand Parade without permission (in writing) from the Show Secretary.

  4. All protests to be made in writing to the Secretary before 6.00 p.m. on the day of the Show with a fee of £20.00 which will be forfeited if the protest is not sustained. The decision of the Committee is final.

  5. Entries in District Classes are confined to residents in the parishes of:- Hartland, Parkham, Clovelly, Alwington, Bulkworthy, Buckland Brewer, East & West Putford, Woolsery, Bradworthy, Welcombe, Abbotsham, Littleham, Sutcombe, Newton St Petrock & Abbots Bickington.

  6. All Exhibitors in the classes for horses, cattle and sheep must have been the property of the Exhibitor for at least two months prior to the Show date.

  7. In the event of an objection to a horses height the objector shall deposit £20.00 with the Secretary to be entitled to have the Honorary Veterinary Surgeon to the Society ascertain the horse's height. (£20.00 refunded if objection sustained)

  8. Neither the Secretary nor the Committee will be held responsible for errors, mistakes or accidents, which may occur.

  9.  No Cup will be awarded unless the correct winners card (given by class steward) is presented to the Cup Secretary. Names and contact details must be provided. Cup winners are responsible for having Trophies engraved and making good any damage or loss whilst in their possession. If not engraved, the Committee cannot undertake to keep Cups up to date. Cups must be returned to the Cup Secretary before the next show.

  10. Cup winners must parade their winning exhibits in the Grand Parade.

  11. Prize money for all classes will be given in the rings on the day.



All exhibitors are reminded that they must comply with all relevant current Defra and HSE regulations and other relevant legislation when transporting animals and attending the Show.

Exhibitors or their Riders/Stock attendants must be competent and take total responsibility of their stock at all times whilst on the Showground. All persons in charge of exhibits will be required to parade or exhibit the animals in their charge at times as directed by the Stewards of the Society. Stock attendants must be in attendance at least a quarter of an hour before the time appointed for exhibiting the animals under their charge in the Show Rings. No Stock attendants shall be allowed to lead more than one animal at a time in the Judging Ring or Main Ring. Exhibitors will be held responsible for the behaviour of their Riders/Stock Attendants and for the consequences of any misconduct. The Stewards have the power to remove from the Showground the Stock or property belonging to, and to cancel the admission ticket of any exhibitor who infringes any of the Regulations or Conditions of the Show, or who refuses to comply with any instructions given by the Stewards, without any responsibility attaching to them in consequences of such removal.


All exhibitors must have the relevant experience to be competent to handle the animal in their charge at all times.


Livestock exhibitors are reminded that the show environment can be upsetting for livestock, even those of normally placid temperament. Livestock with unstable or aggressive temperament should not be brought to the Showground. When in the opinion of Show Officials, the Stewards, the Police or the Health & Safety Executive, an animal’s behaviour poses an immediate threat to the people in it’s vicinity the Society reserves the right to take appropriate action to mitigate the threat.


The Animal Welfare Act (2006) requires all responsible persons to provide a duty of care to the animals regardless to location. Instances of compromised animal welfare or evidence of unnecessary animal suffering should be reported immediately to show officials. The Society and associated Show Veterinary Officers reserve the right to summon animal health officials if deemed necessary. See All exhibitors are expected to observe best practice at all times. Any reports of abuse or misuse will be investigated by the Show Veterinary Surgeon and the Chief Steward and appropriate action taken.

Any artificial contrivance or device of any description found on or proved to have been used on an animal at any time whilst that animal is in the Showground, either for preventing the flow of milk or for any other improper purpose, will disqualify that animal from being awarded a prize, and any prize awarded prior to discovery will be forfeited. The Instigator or The Owner of the said animal may be prohibited from again entering Stock for any of the Society’s Shows, for such period as the Committee may see fit. For the purpose of this Regulation, the term ‘improper practice’ shall be held to include setting of teats, and generally any other practice including tampering or of their own or any other animal by the exhibitor or any other person which results in the animals being shown other than in a natural state, and the Society reserves the right to have all animals inspected by the Society’s Veterinary Officers, either prior to, during, or after judging.

The Society will not tolerate the administration to show exhibits (entered either for competition or

sale/demonstration) of tranquilisers or other drugs which may in any way affect the performance of the animal in question to have the effect of making it behave in the show ring in a manner which is not natural. The Society reserves the right to take any necessary samples. Any Person or Exhibitor (or his representative) who is found to have administered or permitted the administration of any such tranquiliser or drugs to any Show exhibit will be reported to the Organising Committee, and dealt with at their discretion. In addition the matter will be referred to the appropriate Breed Society or Organisation.

The use of blacking, except on the feet, or other colouring matter on Cattle is prohibited. Infringement of this Regulation will render the animal upon which the material is used liable to be disqualified.


The Show is licensed by Defra in accordance with the requirements of the Animal Gatherings England Order 2010. All animals attendants are asked to co-operate by observing the Biosecurity rules. The animal areas should be kept clean and free from faecal contamination. Attendants should wear protective clothing and footwear capable of being disinfected whilst in the animal area. When leaving the animal area, attendants should remove protective clothing, wash their hands and ensure that footwear is clean and disinfected. When Showing or attending Parades, clean white coats or “Breed Uniforms” should be worn and suitable disinfectable footwear. (No Trainers). Vehicles transporting livestock must be cleansed and disinfected in accordance with The Transport of Animals (Cleansing and Disinfection) (England) (No 3) Order 2003.

Exhibitors should also be aware and must comply with current rules, legislation, regulations and conditions in force at the time of the Show from Defra, Trading Standards, BCMS and other regulatory authorities. For the latest information regarding animal movements, movement standstills or isolation facilities please contact your Local Trading Standards Animal Health Officer or visit


Exhibitors must ensure that sufficient stock attendants are available to lead all first, second and third prize-winning animals for the Grand Parade. Failure to parade may result in forfeiture of prize-money.