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HEALTH AND SAFETY  To comply with Health and Safety Executive guidelines the Society has provided horse walks. It is a condition of entry that all exhibits keep within these designated routes, that all reasonable precautions are taken to prevent accidents and that guidance is taken from Officials or Stewards at crossing points etc.

HATS It is mandatory for all riders to wear a protective helmet and safety harness according to the current approved BSI or European Standard and securely fastened at all times whilst mounted on the Showground. Hats or helmets requiring covers must be worn with a plain, dark coloured silk.

STALLIONS In the interest of safety all Stallions, 3 years old and over must, at all times be wearing a bit or chifney whilst moving around the Showground.

HORSE PASSPORTS All horses and ponies should be accompanied by their Defra passport.

If you are transporting animals over 65kms you may require an Animal Transporter Authorisation and as from January 2008 it is a legal requirement to have a Certificate of Competence for transporting animals over 65kms (please check with your local authority).

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