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complete all your details, including passwords. 


the system recognises e mails as log-ins. You can user a different log-in if more than one user with same e mail address. If you have forgotten your password (or never set one) ask for a password reset.

SIGN IN - once set up, sign in should be very quick and simple. - if you use the same computer just start typing your e mail. Your computer may log you in automatically.


this can be done via exhibitor button on home page, then horse/cattle/sheep button, or from the menu bar tabs.


start by selecting what type of livestock to enter, click, then click breed class, then individual class.

Now click blue basket on right of screen - it will add automatically. Scroll down & enter as many classes as wanted.

SCROLL UP when finished, and click on larger blue basket - top right.

You will be prompted with red text to add relevant details to the entry. Your entrant details should all be ok, but need to click on ENTRY FIELDS.

Mandatory questions are starred. Not all questions may be relevant to your entry. The box on the side indicates missing mandatory fields, and clicking CHECK ENTRY when complete is a good idea

when completed entry, scroll up, click SAVE, and continue shopping (SCROLL DOWN AGAIN). If entered by mistake, then the item can be removed - click on the text. 

go to CHECKOUT (scroll down). Untick anything not wanted, then use PROCEED button at each stage, scrolling down as needed.

Then proceed to review, confirm if all ok.

Payment is via stripe - this is a well established, very secure payment system.

Terms & conditions require a tick box to confirm you have read them

If still stuck, please contact us on the contact page

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