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SHEEP                                                                                                                               Woolsery Holding No.10/022/8000


To comply with the conditions of the Defra licence all relevant animals will be examined by a Veterinary Surgeon upon entry to the Showground. ANIMALS ENTERING THE SHOWGOUND MUST PRESENT THE FOLLOWING DOCUMENTS AT THE VETERINARY INSPECTION POINT:  – AML 1 Licence. Applies to all Sheep including Commercial Lambs, Primitive Portland and Hill Sheep. After completion at the entry gate, The Show Society will retain the two copies on entry (the top copy will be forwarded to the Trading Standards Authority) The yellow copy will be returned to the owner. MAEDI-VISNA. A completed SAC Sheep Health Scheme Certificate, with a valid expiry date, will be inspected at the Veterinary inspection point.

ANIMALS LEAVING THE SHOWGROUND MUST PRESENT THE FOLLOWING DOCUMENTS AT THE DEPARTURE GATE:  – AML 1 Licence. Applies to all Sheep. Exhibitors should ensure relevant section is completed by a representative of the Show Society, at the Kivells caravan, prior to departure. The top copy will be collected on departure.

Prize Money 1st £12, 2nd £10, 3rd £8

The John Raffe Perpetual Trophy will be awarded to the Best Sheep Exhibit – District.

Perpetual Challenge Cup presented by the late J. Andrew Esq. will be awarded to the Best exhibit in the sheep classes.

The Seldon & Cory Perpetual Challenge Cup will be presented to the Exhibitor in the District gaining the most points in the Horse, Cattle and Sheep Classes. No one animal to count for more than 3 points.

Entry Fee £3 unless otherwise stated. Pens are charged @ £2 per pen.     Please click the breed you wish to enter.

Please note that you will have to confirm that you have read the livestock entries terms and conditions, before your final entries are accepted






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